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12/16/14 07:08 PM #73    


Jackie Krieger (Scott) (1964)

The reunion party book finally arrived!  At the bottom of page 28 is a photo without a title.  The 9 ladies in this picture represent the Mumford Reunion Dinner group.  We have been meeting about once a month since the 30 year reunion.   

12/17/14 01:24 PM #74    


Michael Goldstein (1965)


The only two curiculums that mattered to me while at Mumford were music and English.  I was lucky enough to have your mom twice for English classes.  She was the BEST TEACHER ever.  She really inspired me to continue my studies in English and language skills, especially writing.  Thanks to her guidance I continued my studies while in college, earning straight A's.  I miss her, but I am so glad to hear she is well and comfortable in California.  My older brother Rick (Gold)(Mumford - class of 61 or 62?) has lived in CA. since 1972.  I will let him know that Mrs. Hirt is alive and well.

Mike Goldstein

01/28/15 02:20 PM #75    


Harley Wattrick (1964)

Loved the "You're from Detroit...." would add:

  • Seeing Fred Wolf's Wondering Wigloo from WXYZ radio at various events and places in and around Greater Detroit.
  • Going to Vernor's Root Beer  Ginger Ale bottling plant on Woodward Ave. for the tours, with the Giant Gnome on the sign.
  • Taking the brewrey tour at Stroh's on Gratiot Ave.
  • Watching Milky the Clown for Twin Pines on TV.
  • Remember CKLW Channel 9's "Movies with Bill Kennedy", Mary Morgan's movies, Bobbing with Robin Seymour and of course Captain Jolly and Poopdeck Paul all before CKLW became CBET.
  • Visiting U of D's football stadium on McNichols after school to ride your bike up and down the stadium ramps. This is of course, before it got knocked down after U of D stopped playing football.
  • Riding the 2nd Ave bus to downtown (alone*) for Doctors and/or Dentist appointments at the David Whitney Building, movies at the Michigan Theater and of course shopping at Hudson's.


* It was a different era when we grew up. Would we even think of letting a young child take a bus that far by themselves to see a movie, go shopping or for Drs. appointments today?  Heck, we'd get arrested for child endangerment today, LOL!

01/29/15 11:02 AM #76    

Frances Wilner (1964)

Fantastic additions!

Of course, I remembered and loved every one of them!

Yes, I, too, took the bus downtown!

Those were the "good old days!"


01/30/15 08:53 PM #77    

Larry Warner (Halsey) (1965)

Vernor's made root beer? I thought they only made ginger ale. AND its the only ginger ale I would drink. I also didn't know CKLW changed to CBET. I must have moved away before it happened. As for what kids are allowed to do today versus when we were little, things have really changed (for the worse, in my opinion). I used to live near the intersection of Dexter and Davison and my parents would let me cross Davison to get to the Jewish Center playground by myself and I don't think I was even six yet. I couldn't have been seven because that's when we moved to Littlefield where I attended....ta da Vernor Elementary School. On special occations they served all of us Vernor's ginger ale.

01/31/15 09:13 AM #78    


Harley Wattrick (1964)

Opps! Sorry about the Root Beer statement. Yes, of course, I meant Ginger Ale, must have had a Senior moment.

01/31/15 10:35 AM #79    

Peggy Cooper (Skulsky) (1965)

We all have those senior moments, don't we?

01/31/15 02:26 PM #80    


James Staples (1965)


01/29/19 05:44 PM #81    


Kathleen Willis (Storchan) (1965)

So sad that the reunion is always mid-summer when a bunch of us are up north!


02/06/19 02:59 PM #82    

Dorene Weisberg (1964)

I'm also sad that this group is still holding events on Saturday nights in the summer time. No observant Jews can attend at that time. At our age, how many of us really have to fly home early Sunday morning because of work?

What's wrong with having a Sunday morning brunch instead? 

Dorene Weisberg


02/07/19 01:19 PM #83    


Kenneth Bertin (1964)

This has concerned me all along as well, Dorene. the weighing as to when to have the reunion has many factors. We originally had the reunion in November around Thanksgiving so that it was dark in the evening. That caused a problem as time went along because classmates had children to visit and preferred that to coming to the reunion. Also the weather started to turn inclement, which disrupted travel plans. Additionally, those travelling to Michigan from other States found it was easiest to trsvel home on Sunday, in order to be at work on Monday. Likewise traveling on Friday evening after work was preferred by many. There is never a perfect answer. The winter is always bad, because of weather or those living in Northern States travelling South for the Winter, the Summer presents other issues like those traveling up North. We have shifted to summer mostly because as we get older travel gets more difficult. I am sorry we cannot make it easier for all the classmates but when you are dealing with nearly 2000 people, you cannot satisfy all of them.


Ken Bertin

02/08/19 08:00 PM #84    

James Siefer (1965)

Well stated Ken as I have to travel across the country to visit.   Rather visit when it is 110 degrees here in AZ as oppsed to visit when it is 20 degrees in Detroit.  Weekends are really the only option for most of us.

02/09/19 12:14 PM #85    


Michael Goldstein (1965)

Was messaging with Steve Bennet recently about the band, Steve Rice (RIP) and Mr. Shelby.  Steve told me Steve (Rice) was in contact with Mr. Shelby in 2016, but since Steve's passing he had no contact info.  If anyone has contact info for Mr. Shelby (if he is still alive and well), I would appreciate it.  I haven't talked with him in many years, but would love to do so.  Thank you, all.

02/10/19 01:17 PM #86    


Nathaniel Carr (1964)

David Williams II, 1964 1/2 (winter grad) Mumford graduate and personal friend since grade school passed Friday, Feb 8, 2019. Article about David's success story: 

David Williams II, trailblazer and former Vanderbilt University vice chancellor and athletics director, has died. Feb. 8, 2019, 1:26 PM

David Williams II, who made an extraordinary impact on Vanderbilt, college athletics and higher education during his 18-year tenure as a university vice chancellor, died Friday, Feb. 8.

Williams, who was 71, stepped down Jan. 31, 2019, as vice chancellor for athletics and university affairs and athletics director. He had returned to be a full-time tenured professor at Vanderbilt Law School.  Williams was focusing his faculty efforts on the important role sports plays in society by establishing a new Sports, Law and Society Program at the Law School.

“David Williams stood tall on this campus, in this city and in college athletics nationally as an incomparable leader, role model and dear friend to me and so many others,” said Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos. “We are devastated by this loss. His impact on our community is immeasurable and will be felt for generations to come. We offer our deepest condolences to Gail, his children and the entire Williams family on this immense loss.”

Williams, the first African American vice chancellor at Vanderbilt, dramatically elevated the student-athlete experience while leading Vanderbilt Athletics. He succeeded in building a program where student-athletes can achieve remarkable academic success while competing in one of the toughest athletics conferences.

“The Vanderbilt family is saddened to learn of the passing of David Williams,” said Malcolm Turner, vice chancellor for athletics and university affairs and athletics director at Vanderbilt. “David authored a remarkable legacy at Vanderbilt, one defined by blazing trails and championing the student-athlete. In my short time at Vanderbilt, I was fortunate to have cultivated a friendship with David, who most proudly coveted his role as a husband and father. All of Commodore Nation mourns the loss of David, and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Gail, his four children, his six grandchildren, and his great-grandson.”

Vanderbilt athletics experienced unprecedented success on and off the field during Williams’ tenure. During his 15 seasons on West End, the Commodores won four national championships – in bowling, baseball and women’s tennis. Vanderbilt also won more than 19 league titles and tournaments, including the men’s golf and women’s tennis Southeastern Conference championships and the Southland Conference Bowling Championship. The Vanderbilt football team played in six bowl games during Williams’ tenure, breaking a 26-year drought in 2008.

A hallmark of Williams’ tenure was the expansion of academic and experiential opportunities for student-athletes. Because of his leadership, the university now offers the nation’s most comprehensive summer internship program for student-athletes. In addition, the award-winning Summer Bridge program for incoming first-year athletes was introduced to provide workshops on life and study skills. Vanderbilt student-athletes have earned over a cumulative 3.0 GPA every year for the past 13 years.

Under Williams’ direction, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center underwent a major renovation and expansion designed to serve the entire Vanderbilt community. He also oversaw upgrades at Hawkins Field, Brownlee O. Currey Tennis Center and McGugin Center, among other facilities.

During his tenure as athletics director, Williams brought significant attention to sports’ impact on society, underscoring Vanderbilt’s rich and often troubled history during the civil rights movement. He was instrumental in leading efforts for recognition of and reconciliation with Vanderbilt pioneers, including Perry Wallace and Godfrey Dillard, and in educating current students, faculty and staff about the university’s past.

In January 2018, with the support of Zeppos and Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Susan R. Wente, he launched the Sports and Society Initiative to elevate awareness and understanding of the ways in which sports and society impact each other across a variety of disciplines. A hallmark of the initiative has been its 2018-2019 lecture series, “A World of Possibilities: Examining the Olympics from Diverse Angles.”

Williams joined the law faculty in 2000, when he began working in Vanderbilt administration as a vice chancellor, general counsel and secretary of the university. His areas of expertise included sports law, law and education, and tax law. In 2002, student affairs was added to his responsibilities, then athletics the following year. In 2012, he was officially given the title of vice chancellor for athletics and university affairs and athletics director.

Prior to coming to Vanderbilt, Williams worked in student affairs administration at The Ohio State University, where he was also a law professor. He was a member of the state bars of Tennessee, Michigan, District of Columbia and the American Bar Association, where he served on the Bar Admissions Committee.

Williams held many professional and community leadership positions through the years as a prominent representative of Vanderbilt. He had been a member of the NCAA’s General Advisory Board, its Academic Council, the Enforcement Task Force and was chair of its Infractions Appeals Committee. He served on more than 10 nonprofit boards in the Nashville community, and chaired the boards of the United Way, Nashville Public Education Foundation, and the Nashville branch of the Atlanta Federal Reserve. He also served as treasurer of the Nashville Symphony.

Williams was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, graduate of Mumford High School 1964 ½. He worked as a middle school teacher and coach in Detroit public schools 1970-80 and earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Detroit Law School in 1982 and a master’s (taxation) from New York University Law School in 1984.

He is survived by his wife, Gail, his four children, Erika, David III, Samantha and Nicholas; his six grandchildren, David IV, Jazmin, Triffany, Dayon, Daiaha and Zoe; and his great grandson, Desmond.


02/11/19 11:41 PM #87    

Donna Adler (Ron) (1964)

A wonderful tribute to David Williams II.  My condolences to his family and friends.  May his memory be blessed.

02/20/19 08:05 PM #88    


Norma Albright (Davis) (1965)

So sorry to hear about David Williams passing. I was looking forward to seeing him at the reunion. He told me he was coming to this one. I haven't seen him since Mumford...

06/21/19 12:25 AM #89    

Stuart Lester (1965)

Marilyn Siskind (Meyer) and I are having our wedding at the reunion. If you needed an excuse to attend, maybe this would be it.
Stuart Lester

06/21/19 11:40 AM #90    


Larry Lipsitz (Now Lipson) (1965)

Wow Stuart, that's exciting news. Do you remember me? I remember you. I will be there, first time as an out-of-towner, driving up from Boynton Beach, Florida. See you there.

06/21/19 10:49 PM #91    

Brent Paterson (1965)

Hi Stuart

Hey friend, congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

I remember you well from both Mumford and Schulze grade school.

see you at the reunion.

Brent Paterson

06/22/19 10:18 AM #92    


Herbert N. Glass (1965)

Marilyn and Stuart, How cool to have your wedding at the Reunion. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing you both. Herbie




06/22/19 12:07 PM #93    

Benson Barr (1965)

Stuart and Marilyn

Congratulations!  We are looking forward to seeing you at the reunion and celebrating your wedding.


06/27/19 09:41 AM #94    

Winsome Gruss (Gibbs) (1965)

Best wishes for the forthcoming reunion. It is,unfortunately,totally impractical for me to join you much as I'd love to. A 16:1 rand to dollar exchange rate makes this impossible!
Have a blast.
Winsome Gruss (Winnie, South Africa)

06/28/19 03:00 PM #95    


Petural Mason (Shelton) (1965)

A BIG HELLO to all of my wonderful classmates 1964-1965!  Looking forward to seeing all of you at this years 55th Class Reunion!!!!

For those of you who attended CUSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL or HALEY ELEMENTARY - a reunion will be held on Friday, July 12th at Bert's Restaurant located at Eastern Market.

Please join us as we celebrate LIFE - HAPPINESS - JOY - and FRIENDSHIP'S!!!!

Hope to see all of you!

Petural 'PJ' - 1965





07/02/19 12:49 PM #96    


Gilda Morrison (Littleton) (1965)

It's almost time. See you all at the reunion. Will make it to Berts too for the Custer one too.

07/03/19 12:04 PM #97    


Petural Mason (Shelton) (1965)

Hi everyone...just to remind you, looking forward to seeing you at Bert's on Friday, July 12th - THE TIME EVERYTHING WILL GET STARTED IS 2:00PM. We will be hanging out all day! (Smiling)

So come join us as we remember the good times spent at Custer & Haley!

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