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11/24/13 11:15 AM #1    

Kenneth Bertin (1964)

Terrific lady!!!

12/17/13 10:16 PM #2    

Marilyn Sitron (Dizik) (1965)

I worked for Grace McPherson for several years, and formed a friendship with her.  A very nice lady who knew how to get things done.  I still cherish the Dictionary gifted to me upon graduation.

12/18/13 07:49 PM #3    

Howard Finnk (1964)

Unfortunately I never got to know Grace during my days at Mumford.  But over the years, I have gotten to know a number of public school principals.  Knowing what I know today, I can imagine what a great person she was.

Leading, managing and maintaining a high school with a bunch of privileged baby boomers could not have been an easy task.  Especially our group.  I am sending her my very belated congratulations to her for making Mumford the great place it was, and contributing to the production of some of the most successful people ever to have graduated a public high school.

12/19/13 01:41 PM #4    

Alison (Abby) Greenstone (Goldbaum) (1964)

She was a classy lady and a person of great integrity.  As Vice-Principal, she had to be the "enforcer" but she did it in a firm but polite way.  Even though at graduation, she said to me " good luck, Marcia ",I forgive her for that.  After all, there were hundreds of graduates in the June, 1964 class.

12/24/13 03:44 PM #5    

Wardell Piper (1964)

Grace was truly a remarkabble person, at times I always found myself in her office for something, but it was always contructive in ways that I could improve and make myself better. I will always remember "her Grace", for she kept be grounded and on the right track, even when I would get into trouble at times.  RIP Ms McPherson

12/25/13 09:56 AM #6    

Harvey Schulist (1964)

I remember her well, she was a great person and I have been in her office both for good and bad and she was always respectful; I will always remember her kindness and Mumford lost a fine lady.

12/26/13 12:41 PM #7    

Michael Goldstein (1965)

Grace McPherson epitomized the word "class"!  She also had a great sence of humor.  I remember, as I started my final semester at Mumford, how she found it highly amusing that I was the only senior she had known to spend more time in school (on a daily basis) then she did!  I had only one required course for graduation, yet I was in school from 5:30AM to 4:20PM - the rest of the day being taken up by numerous music/vocal electives.

She was one-of-a-kind, and the world is a much sadder place for her passing.  RIP Ms. McPherson!

12/26/13 06:30 PM #8    

Csm Bruce Sage, (1964)

A great lady! Fortunately unlike my brother Norman, my interactions with her were always positive.

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